Mar 22

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Black Spring Break in South MS

Black Spring Break is some bullshit.

I live in South Mississippi. It is difficult to have honest conversations about racism anywhere in America but you instantly lose credibility if you are a honky from Mississippi. Which I be. We have made some giant strides over the years here but I will be the first to tell you, racism is still alive and well in the land of cotton. But, in all fairness, it’s pretty alive and well in a lot of other places too.

I need to steer this boat back on course because I could write the most meandering thesis you ever tried to ingest if I tackled all of my thoughts on racism. It’s a subject that has intrigued me for a long, long time. Suffice it to say that I think we are all a little racist and it is a trait that you should do your best not to water and fertilize.

Which brings us back to Black Spring Break. An event that was loosely organized a few years back in Biloxi MS and has grown in numbers every year since. It is exactly what it sounds like. A shit-ton of black people (mostly youngins) partying in Biloxi for a week. I have no more of a problem with this event itself as I do with Spring Breaks anywhere. My problem comes in with calling it “Black”. Consider for just a second how idiotic “Asian Spring Break” sounds. Silly, right? And “White Spring Break” would, of course, just be blatantly racist and a covert name for a KKK rally.

I think black people do themselves a disservice with “black pride”. I think it is the antithesis of what you are wanting to accomplish. Racism will never truly whither and die until folks start looking at other folks as simply people.

No color designations necessary.

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  • Artie

    Here’s my personal thoughts on this. As a Black person (Or at least half Black anyways), I detest Black Spring break as many sensible and classy Black people do (Usually consist of the middle age and older crowds) for the simple fact that it’s nothing more than what I refer to as an atrocity to the Black race as the way many of these younger crowds that attend that event conduct themselves in the most jack assery (i know, made up word) manner that reinforces some of the worst stereotypes of Black people that many of us to include myself desperately want to disconnect ourselves from. As far as having Black pride, I don’t think the concept of Black pride is a disservice to the Black race but I think the way it’s implemented by many of us is what does a disservice to us. I think black pride should more emphasized towards positive achievements and parts of our history and culture, not into the dreaded stereotypes that haunts us even to this day that many of the shitheads among us seem to so proudly flaunt in the face of society. (Prison culture, criminal culture and etc..) I’m also appalled at the fact to this very day, most Blacks know very little or simply do not know of any of our history that goes back beyond the era of American slavery which in an essence, leaves many stuck in a mentality robbing themselves of any self esteem however, i do not soley blame willfully ignorant Black people for that alone as America’s education system is partially the culprit as well for seemingly feeding the American masses that the only history Black Americans have is slavery. With that said, racism is still going very strong (Despite the strides we have made) and unfortunately has evolved along with society. America still has a ways to go but, I will proudly say we are way ahead of foreign Nations like many Arabic cultures and Isreal.

    March 22 2014

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