Nov 27

Thursday Pickin’ Season VIII, Week 13

Happy Thanksgiving Friends,

TB hopes your bellies are as full as mine, your family convos are all about the good old days and that all your teams are winning, unless your team’s name rhymes with bole-biss.

I’ve got a family full of house right now so I can’t score last week or do much of anything else right now.

I will give you an update on “Be Excellent to a Stranger” though. One of our regular donors upped his game this year and sent in a check for $150. Seriously, words sometimes fail me and the way those of you who are touched by this idea have responded to it continually amazes. I can tell you that with gifts and pledges we will pass out over $700 this year to strangers. If you have a person in mind we should consider, please drop me an email or let me know in the comments to get in touch with you about it.

Again I ask (as you are able) to pitch in if, as they used to say in my childhood church, you feel so led.

I’ll try to post the updated scores when I can–maybe tonight, and I’ll add my picks later today.

In the meantime, go ahead and make your selections if you are ready–I know there are a lot of Friday games.


Well, it’s 10:30 Friday night now and I’m definitely not getting to last week’s scoring for a few more days.

But here’s your HandyDandy Link to the Odds and here are my picks of the Week.

  • North Carolina  -4
  • Florida State  -2′
  • Georgia  -4
  • Texas A&M  +5′
  • Southern Miss +5

POTY–THE Mississippi State Bulldogs +1


And of course, Go to Hell Ole Miss!

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Nov 24

Holiday Musings

I have been in a pleasant mood for the last week. I know exactly what I did to put myself in jollier spirits. I quit watching the news and tried staying away from political posts on social media. The Paris attacks sent everyone into overdrive. It seems when tragedies occur, people start reacting viscerally. Reacting with emotion and unapologetically so. Suddenly it is ok to group entire nationalities and people running for President can talk about putting people into databases while their constituents applaud. I wonder these same good folks would have been ok if we started kicking out white Christian Antiguvment Republicans after Tim McVeigh killed 168 people at the Alfred P. Murrow building in Oklahoma? Probably not, I imagine.

Anyway, I just needed to get away. It helps that my favorite Holiday is Thursday. A celebration, as chance would have it, of the last time a militant group of refugees came to the United States and started killing people and took over the country. I digress. Again.

I really dig Thanksgiving food. Casseroles, succulent juicy turkey and ham, and my wife’s stuffing. It is actually her Grandmothers recipe but my wife finally started nailing it a couple of years ago. I think it would win stuffing competitions if such things exist. Gathering the family together and hopefully avoiding politics. The annual overeating and required hand in pants nap on the recliner as football plays on the TV. My paw in law enjoys this tradition as well. Not his hand in my pants, you sicko. I really do love Thanksgiving. Christmas, on the other hand, is a pain in the ass.

We still do the Santa thing. Staying up late putting together toys on Christmas Eve. No possible way my kids still believe in Santa. They just like being able to play the Kris Kringle card. “Oh, it’s too expensive? No problem. I will ask Santa for it because he doesn’t have to pay for it.” It’s like some perverse holiday welfare program. My kids are con men. Then we have the 13ft fake tree that we have had for 10 years. I have to drag it down from the attic and straighten out all the limbs and thistles. Pull out the Clark Griswold ball of lights and put them on the dang thing. My wife trailing me around the tree listening to me grumble and cuss, smelling of holiday whiskey. Ahh, traditions. I stopped by Lowes the other day to buy a replacement tree. One of the ones that already has the lights on it. But none of their trees were tall enough or fat enough. Being married over 19 years, I have become finely attuned to what will and will not fly and bringing home one of these skinny, poser trees would only result in a return trip to Lowes for me. So I resigned myself to wrestling with Big Bertha for one more year.

I will leave you with this. A Saturday Night Live skit dealing with family squabbles during Thanksgiving. Better have that Adele cd ready!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and enjoy your families. They won’t let you trade any of them in.

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Nov 19

Thursday Pickin’ Season VIII, Week 12 (Third Week and BE Excellent to a Stranger edition)

Quote of the Week:

Nothing in life means anything unless someone cares, and the whole trick is to keep being that someone.”     –Robert Brault

TB doesn’t know who Robert Brault is, but that’s a great quote. I read it at the bottom of the following correspondence sent via United States First Class Mail about six weeks ago, and I’d like to share the rest of the letter with you, short of the signature, because this person wishes to remain anonymous and because the whole idea of BE Excellent is just to do something decent for the world without asking for even Thanks in return.

TB and Family,

To start, I feel it is right to tell you, that some 15 years ago I was given some of the best advice I had ever received regarding money, or more on point, the loaning of money. And that was to never give/loan any money that I wasn’t ready to part ways with forever. Because of that it’s been a common practice of mine to loan money with the assumption that I will never see it again.

I recently got a check in the mail for some money that was previously “loaned” out. Its return was quite perplexing, could it be that if you truly set something free it returns to you? I pondered the possibilities of all the things I am too scared to truly let go of and came to the quick conclusion that I’ll just hold onto those things a little longer….baby steps.

Since I have already bid farewell to this money for a greater purpose, I can’t imagine a more fitting place to repurpose its intent than to Be Excellent to a Stranger. This is by far my most favorite thing about the holiday season. It is truly a wonderful thing to get to be a part of.”

Enclosed was a check for three hundred dollars.

You should know that this same person has given to our little project every year since it’s inception. First a hundred bucks, then two hundred several times, and now this. I tell you quite candidly that in spite of the success of Be Excellent, I have been ready to give it up several years in a row now because (a) I’m busy (b) I’m lazy and (c) it’s always about 7-8 people that join in (THANKS TO YOU AS WELL!), and I often feel like if we were doing something worthwhile it would catch on more.

But then I get the envelope in early fall each year from this big hearted and selfless person and I figure “how damn lazy does TB have to be not to punch out a post or two and then find someone who is hurting a little and give them a little Christmas boost?” The answer, fortunately is “I don’t know” because I’m not quite that lazy yet.

Since my extended period of writer’s block kicked in, there’s not a large population left here in the MTGU. But for those that remain, and for the occasional visitor, consider meeting some minimal level (in relation to our yearly patron) of generosity, and consider exceeding some equally minimal level of laziness this year and join in to BE Excellent. As you are able, of course. I’m well aware that it’s not just strangers who are hurting, but friends and family as well. Don’t feel like you have to match that big gift–I won’t! But fives, tens and twenty-five dollar contributions will add up fast if everyone chips in.

You can send a contribution to me via mail or Paypal. My address is P.O. Drawer 3260, Ridgeland, MS 39158 and my Paypal is I’m also gonna go ahead and volunteer Mac to accept your contribution because more of his friends read the page nowadays than mine, with good reason!

This is a “Pass the Hat” program. Your contribution is not tax deductible. I have no organization other than a shoebox and a notebook page to remind me what comes in and what must go out. It goes out as cash, sometimes to a person fighting health issues, sometimes to one who has lost a job, maybe a person fighting loneliness, and last year I dropped $20 bills on ten grateful and surprised homeless people from Boston, L.A. and Jackson, MS.


Edited to add: It occurs to me that some of you may read this and not have any idea what I’m talking about. If so, here’s a link to the first “Be Excellent to a Stranger Campaign” post.


TB won my POTW last week and went 2-3 otherwise to leave me at 7-4 and 20-24. The MTGU went 10-3 and 18-16, now 84-82 (over the Mendoza Line!) and 193-172. RJ won the week, Sweet hit the Dog o’the Week and Tiny D gets the music points.

Here are last week’s results:

  1. RJ (4-1)                  68
  2. Fish (1-0)                56
  3. SmilyJ (1-0)            56
  4. MD                          50
  5. Harmony                 50
  6. JLou                       50
  7. Sweet (2-3, dotw)   49
  8. TB (2-3)                  44
  9. Flyin’ J (2-3)           44
  10. SDog (1-2)             44
  11. BW Buzz (3-2)        26
  12. Tiny D (2-2)            20
  13. Kitchen P                10


Season Standings:

  1. Nelson                     459
  2. BW Buzz                 452
  3. Sweet                       437
  4. Fish                          427
  5. TB                            407
  6. Flyin’ J                      385
  7. RJ                            385
  8. SDog                        375
  9. MD                           370
  10. Kitchen P                  371
  11. Tiny D                       352
  12. Mac                           336
  13. JLou                          320
  14. SmilyJ                       294
  15. Harmony                    262
  16. Irvine Redd                250
  17. RSR                           203
  18. BR                              174

Here are my Week 12 picks and Here’s your HandyDandy Link to the Odds:

  • Georgia  -14′
  • Rutgers  -4′
  • Ole Miss -4
  • Michigan St +13
  • So. Miss  -21

POTW  Texas A&M  -6′


And my Third Week Tunes this year are all to help you feel the love. Be Excellent. Mail it In.

  • Friday, I’m in Love — The Cure
  • Givin’ it Up for Your Love — Delbert McClinton (and dig that Cowbell)
  • Brother Love’s Travellin’ Salvation Show — Neil Diamond
  • Love Shack — B-52’s
  • SOTW– Every Time I Turn Around (Back in Love Again) –LTD

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Nov 12

Thursday Pickin’ Season VIII, Week 11

Quote of the Week:

If we weren’t all crazy, we would be insane.”     —Jimmy Buffett

TB is not going to revel in it Rebs. I’ve seen way too many fellow Bulldogs laughing at Ole Miss’ pain from last week and claiming, completely oblivious to the irony, that it was Karma what took TSUN down. No, I’m not laughing not least because I laughed last year when Arkansas wiped you out 30-zip and the very next week your boys whipped mine.

That said….

I can’t very well not comment on what has been an absolutely crazy run of college football the last three weeks. Starting with Michigan snatching defeat from the jaws of victory against Michigan State, continuing with Duke’s referee-aided-kickoff-lateral-fest loss to Miami and then culminating-?-PERHAPS culminating in Ole Miss’ stunning chokeration against Arkansas: not ONCE, but several times beginning before the end of regulation and continuing until they absolutely shoved victory up the Hogs’ snouts.

If it’s any comfort Rebel fans, Michigan State, who so recently found themselves with the Mojo in hand vs their cross-state rivals, only two weeks later learned that you do not-can not-must NEVER delude yourself into believing the Power has chosen you as an ally. You are always a pawn. And that’s why I’m not rubbing it in. For real. I feel your pain [genuflects-knocks on wood-belly flops-beseechingly].

TB lost my POTW last week and went a dreadful 1-4 on bonus selections to drop my season tally to 6-4 and 18-21. The MTGU went a meager 5-9 on POTWs, and that’s with KP and RSR failing to make their usual Ole Miss picks. In the bonus category we were 17-19 leaving us 74-79-6 and 175-156 on the season.

Sweet won the week by going opposite of Nelson and BW Buzz. He also picked up the points for good tunes while Smily hit Arkansas for the Dog o’the Week.

Off topic, I want to send a shout out to MadDog who’s boy just signed a baseball scholarship with Southern Miss. Congrats to MD and the Kid. We’ll be watching and rooting for him.

Here are last week’s standings:

  1. Sweet (3-1-1, LOTW)  67
  2. JLou                            62
  3. Mac (1-1)                    50
  4. Fish (2-3)                    44
  5. Flyin’ J (2-3)               44
  6. SmilyJ (3-1-1, DotW) 37
  7. RJ (2-1-1)                   26
  8. SDog (2-2)                 20
  9. Tiny D                        10
  10. Harmony                    10
  11. Nelson                       10
  12. MD                             10
  13. BW Buzz (1-3-1)        8
  14. TB (1-4)                      2

Season Standings:

  1. Nelson                     459
  2. BW Buzz                  426
  3. Sweet                       388
  4. Fish                          371
  5. TB                            363
  6. Kitchen P                 361
  7. Flyin’ J                     341
  8. Mac                         336
  9. Tiny D                      332
  10. SDog                       331
  11. MD                          320
  12. RJ                           317
  13. Jessie Lou              270
  14. SmilyJ                     238
  15. Harmony                 212
  16. RSR                        203
  17. BR                          174


Here are my Picks for this Week and Here’s your HandyDandy Link to the Odds:

  • Temple  -2′
  • Kentucky +3′
  • So. Miss -7′
  • Arkansas  +7′
  • Baylor -2′

POTW: Georgia +1

And some Crazy tunes for the weekend, which I might add, I will be in Starkville for the State-Bama game, courtesy of Nelson,  with BR and SmilyJ and that is crazy on several different levels.

  • Crazy–Willie Nelson
  • Let’s Go Crazy–Prince
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love–Queen
  • Crazy Train–Ozzy


  • I Wish I was Crazy Again–Johnny Cash and Waylon


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Nov 09

War on Christmas and Starbucks

People aren’t even pretending anymore that Thanksgiving exists. Christmas is the next holiday after Halloween. I don’t much care for this as Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. Food, family, football…what’s not to like? Oh well.

I think it’s going to be a banner year for the “War on Christmas” folks. The Christian social media mouthpiece Joshua Feuerstein has been attacking Starbucks recently about changing their Christmas cups to all red as opposed to the winter motifs they have had in the past. For the record these motifs were always classic winter things like snowmen and candy canes. Not once have they ever depicted a crucified savior or a sunglasses wearing Jehovah. But Mr. Feuerstein sees this for what it is. Another chapter in the war on Christmas. He decided to play a hilarious joke on his local Starbucks chain. He went in and told the college barista (who could give a flying rats ass) that his name was “Merry Christmas”. Then when the demon Starbucks employee had to call his name for his order, he had to say “Merry Christmas” out loud. At this point a blinding light came from the cup of half caf mocha latte and melted the demon barista on the spot sending him back to the hell fire from which he sprang in the first place. (I took a little creative liberty with that last part)

I don’t think the majority of my Christian friends are buying what Mr. Feuerstein is selling. I don’t think any of them posted the ridiculous video on Facebook. But a lot of other folks did. Many of his followers posted their own videos playing the same ridiculous prank. For the record, these people are what is wrong with your religion. Christians who LOVE persecution. Even when they have to pull said persecution out of their tight asses. Look folks, Christian persecution is a real thing. In other parts of the world you can get your head cut off for practicing your faith. Red cups in Starbucks isn’t the same thing. This country is 85% Christian and there is a church every quarter mile from coast to coast. I think y’all are good.

I am predicting you will see more of this as the Christmas holidays approach because of the Presidential race. Ben Carson is leading the Republican race and has been doubling down of late on some REALLY cuckoo ideas. When he backed up his statement that the Egyptian pyramids were built by a Bible figure to store grain I thought to myself “Well, there went that Presidential run.” Boy was I wrong. Not only did his numbers go up, thousands of people were taking up for him on social media. Even though what he said was incredibly untrue by almost anyone’s estimation, they were saying it was just another example of the media trying to make him look bad. That is the tried and true defense that Carson and Trump have been using. “That evil lamestream media is at it again.” Yes, I may have said that my farts could provide endless energy for the world but the media are the bad guys for bringing that to your attention. It doesn’t help when the moron at Politico actually did fabricate a hit piece on Mr. Carson. People will just use that example to explain away every asinine thing Ben or Donald says.

Mark my words, it’s gonna be a record season for these poor persecuted American Christians.

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Nov 05

Thursday Pickin’ Season VIII, Week 10

Quote of the Week:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.”     –Groucho

Time flies.

It’s hard to believe we’re ten weeks in to another season.

And we’ve been doing this now for eight years.

Also hard to believe this’ll mark somewhere between my 40th to 42nd season givin’ a damn about what a bunch of 18-23 year old strangers do on Saturdays.

Hardest of all to believe that Nelson holds a commanding lead in TP this late in the season. But I digress, that’s off-theme.

What’s wonderful to contemplate is that with this rapid passage of days, Third Week will be here very soon!

TB won my POTW last week and went a stellar 4-1 on bonus selections. That moves me to 6-3, 17-17 on the season. My effort was not enough to win the week though as SDog won his big pick and went 4-0 on bonuses. Nobody won their Dog o’the Week and Mac gets the music points.

The MTGU went 8-7 and 25-16 for the week, now 69-70-6 on POTW’s and 158-137 on bonus picks. I guess that pep talk a few weeks ago helped! Let’s get over the Mendoza line this week, friends.

Here are last week’s results:

  1. SDog (4-0)              74
  2. TB (4-1)                  68
  3. BW Buzz (4-1)        68
  4. Nelson (3-1)           62
  5. Kitchen P                62
  6. MD                         62
  7. Tiny D (2-3)            44
  8. Fish (1-4)               38
  9. Mac (2-0, SOTW)  37
  10. RJ (3-1)                 32
  11. Flyin’ J (2-3)          14
  12. Sweet                    10
  13. Harmony               10
  14. BR                         10
  15. SmilyJ (0-2)           8



  1. Nelson                  449
  2. BW Buzz              418
  3. Kitchen P              361
  4. TB                         361
  5. Fish                      327
  6. Tiny D                  322
  7. Sweet TT             321
  8. SDog                   311
  9. MD                       310
  10. Flyin’ J                 297
  11. RJ                        291
  12. Mac                     286
  13. RSR                    203
  14. Harmony             202
  15. SmilyJ                 201
  16. BR                       174

Here are my Picks of the Week and Here’s your HandyDandy Link to the Odds:

  • Baylor  -17′
  • Florida  -21
  • Penn St  +2′
  • LSU  +6′
  • Ole Miss  -10′

POTW  TCU  -4′

Good Tunes:

  • Time is on My Side–Stones
  • Time–Hootie and them Blowfish
  • Good Times Bad Times–Led Zeppelin
  • Times Like These–Foo Fighters
  • Let the Good Times Roll–The Cars

SOTW: Funny How Time Slips Away–Willie Nelson



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Nov 03

It’s Voting Day Mama. Grab My Shotgun.

Today is voting day in Mississippi. I am glad it’s here because I honestly don’t know how much more I can take. Politics makes me like people less. A lot less. It also doesn’t help that I am mired in good ole mississip’ where the GOP has a virtual stranglehold. For the record, all my wife has to do is utter the phrase “we can go” and I would unass this place like a horse leaving a glue factory.

You see, my friends, it would be easier to convince Old Mother Francis at the local church to stand up in front of her whole delegation and admit she sucked off the Mayor Bloom while his wife cooked dinner back in 59’ than it would be to elect a democrat in this state. A state that has been last in every conceivable way you can compare one state against another for a long, long time. And the people here blame liberals for their woes. It honestly always makes me think of a battered woman situation. Where the husband keeps whipping her ass and she always goes back for more. Then she gets defensive if you imply the husband is the problem.

We have an education initiative on the ballot today. I am not going to rehash all my arguments for it here. I have talked until I am blue in the face about it. What I do want to mention is the lengths and lies the right went to to try and defeat the measure. Trust me when I say that it was one after another including trying confuse the poor populace by muddying the hell out of the ballot choices. Commercials against it use the word “liberal” a lot. Because here in Mississippi, there isn’t a much worse word I could possibly call you and I am not remotely kidding. I can’t think of one off the top of my head that is held in more widespread disdain.

I will leave you today with some choice comments made by the populace on Facebook of the page for the guy running for Attorney General. I was reading them last night and cracking up.

“lets be real what has a democrat for us at any given time ,all they have been is a yes man for obama if they done their job he would have been impeached he did enough for it i would’nt vote democrat for nothing and i hope people remember how thad cochran voted againest ourtroops for their health benafits but to end it they ‘ve done nothingfor miss. or our country ,to be honest these are the sorries bunch we have had.”


“Our nation’s debt is $18 trillion. That’s 18 trillion reasons to not vote for any Democrat.” (This is indicative of the level of delusion people in this state have. Yea, republicans are SO fiscally responsible.)

“obama has done nothing but want to take our gun’s and all the mis fit’s he’s brought over we know why ,he’s pardon all the misfit’sfrom over the border turned let hundred’s of people out of prison disrespected our troops in stead saluteing he wave’s a coffee cup at them . if thats not enough when the pled.of all. was being said him and his wife did not put their hands over hearts everything tonya said is true and much much more he has shownhe don’t care at all when someone slap’s you in the face as the democrat’s and obama has done you stupid to keep voteing for them no thank you.” (Calling someone stupid and making about 100 grammar mistakes. Beautiful.)

“No 42. Democrats are destroying, breaking fixed stuff, creating problems so big government needs to cease. It needs to go back to “For the People”. (Wut?)

“42 if full of lies n decete! Just like obamacare”

I could go on for days. But I won’t. The folks most in need of hearing it aren’t listening anyway.

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Oct 29

Thursday Pickin’ Season VIII, Week 9

Quote of the Week:

“I do what I do. You like it, great. You don’t, go listen to somebody else. I’m stickin’ with the people who stuck with me.”     –Ice Cube

It’s Halloween week and that normally signifies one of TB’s better TP posts is coming. But with the way things are going in the so-called mainstream universe, more particularly with the way people I know are responding to them….it’s put me in a real funk and frankly, because of that I got nuthin’.  I understand and appreciate differing viewpoints. I can live with ignorance. I am bemused by lack of self awareness. Intellectual dishonesty is hard for me to take. Hypocrisy makes me angry. But when all of it comes together and spills over from a boiling cauldron of anger and bitterness and hatred, it just sucks all the life out of me.

And it’s not even a full fledged election year yet.

So if you still care about football after all of that, and hey, for a couple of days each weekend all that aforementioned bilious brew is easy to forget, so I’ve got that goin’ for me, which is nice, TB lost my POTW last week and went 3-2 on bonus picks to move to 5-3 and 13-16 on the year. The MTGU went 8-8 and 22-19, now 61-63-6 and 133-121. Flyin’ J won the week last week with a POTW winner and 4-1 bonus record. MD gets the music points and Sweet and Nelson tied for Dog o’ the Week honors thanks to the Georgia Tech miracle vs FSU.

Here are last week’s results:

  1. Flyin’ J (4-1)            68
  2. Nelson (2-0, dotw)  61
  3. BW Buzz (3-2)        56
  4. Mac                         56
  5. Irv                            56
  6. Kitchen P                56
  7. Fish (2-2)                50
  8. Tiny D (0-3)            33
  9. RJ (3-1)                  32
  10. TB (3-2)                 26
  11. Smily (3-2)             26
  12. Sweet (2-3, dotw)  19
  13. MD (Lotw)              15
  14. JLou                       10
  15. Harmony                10
  16. SDog (0-3)              2

Season Standings:

  1. Nelson                     387
  2. BW Buzz                  350
  3. Sweet                       311
  4. Kitchen P                 299
  5. Fish                          294
  6. TB                            293
  7. Flyin’ J                      283
  8. Tiny D                       278
  9. RJ                            259
  10. Mac                          254
  11. MD                           248
  12. SDog                        237
  13. Irv                             229
  14. RSR                          203
  15. JLou                          198
  16. Smily                         193
  17. Harmony                   192
  18. BR                             164

Here are my picks for the week and Here’s your HandyDandy Link to the Odds:

  • USC  -5′
  • Clemson  -10
  • Ole Miss  -7
  • Kentucky +9
  • Oregon +2′


My Tunes (NSFW or Authoritarians):

  • Give Up the Funk–Parliament
  • Uptown Funk–Mark Ronson
  • Renegades of Funk–Rage Against the Machine
  • Overpowered by Funk–The Clash


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Oct 28

SC Cop vs Student

Well. By now I am sure y’all have all seen the video of the South Carolina school deputy yanking the girl out of her desk and drag/throwing her across the floor. It is disturbing video, to say the least. Here is a link.

As has become my norm, I didn’t kneejerk post anything or comment about this event until now. I try to allow a few days for facts to emerge.

The facts as I understand them are this. The girl was being distracting in class and refused to give her phone to the teacher when requested. Teacher calls for help. Cop shows up and tells the student to get up and come with him or he will force her to. Student refuses. Cop grabs student and very forcibly removes her from the desk and drags/throws her to the front of the room.

Let me tell you folks, my feelings on this are all over the place. I will try to convey them in a somewhat linear fashion as they come to me.

First off, I am not convinced there is any racial aspect to this event. The calls of racism began before the youtube video hit 10 views. Could the cop be a raging racist? Sure. I don’t know him from Adam’s house cat. But he could also NOT be a racist at all. It’s a pretty big chasm y’all are jumping just assuming it is racially motivated in my opinion. But I think the cop overreacted, without a doubt. Dragging the girl across the room was overboard. BUT he did tell her to get up and come with him or he would force her to do so. She refused. And in doing so, chose the hard way. Have y’all ever personally tried to remove someone from a school desk? I haven’t either but I know I could trip myself up trying to get out of them in high school. They are tight. As a friend of mine said earlier “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” If anything, I think the cop got angry and decided the student was going to do it his way or the highway. For the record, I don’t have a problem with him removing her from the desk like he did. Everything after was excessive in my opinion.

In general, I think both the girl AND the officer were in the wrong. I usually put myself in these situations because it helps me figure out how I really feel about something. What if the girl was my daughter? First off, I would want to beat that cop’s ass for the excessive force. BUT THAT IS NOTHING compared to the mountain of trouble my daughter would be in for acting like such an asshole in the first place.

The saddest part of this is that you won’t hear much rational debate on this specific event. Everyone immediately backed into their respective corners and prepared for battle.

Seems like that is the new American way.

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Oct 24

Ole Miss and the Confederate Flag

Ole Miss students this week voted to stop flying the Mississippi State Flag at their University. I was somewhat happy that I didn’t see very much about it on my Facebook feed. Then I remembered that I unfollowed all the obvious racists the last time the flag hub bub piped up. High cancelled.

I know. I know. You’re not a racist. You just really intensely deeply care about your heritage. A heritage that enslaved human beings and has lagged behind the rest of the country for 227 some odd years.

Mississippi is the last state to still have the confederate flag as a part of their state flag. The flag was hijacked by white supremacists a long, long time ago. That’s not your fault, Joe Mississippian. I get that. But you must accept the facts for what they are. That damn flag represents racism. If you think it doesn’t, you are in denial. But you aren’t in denial, are you? You know damn well exactly what it represents but you are going to dance around it as much as you can to disguise that fact.

Can I start a new club and be taken seriously if my symbol is the nazi swastika? No, of course not. Because it is universally recognized for what it is. The only people on this planet that don’t think the confederate flag doesn’t represent the same exact thing reside in the deep south.

I get that you are mad you can’t have white pride as you call it. I do. But you can blame the entire history of white anglo saxon men for ruining that for you.

Mississippi, you need to change the flag. You know that you do. You are just to hardheaded to admit it.

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